November 15-16, 2016
The Fairmont Dallas - Dallas, TX

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3 Steps For P2P GPO Success

Anyone acting as a GPO, moving into the role or working on a broader project it needs to audit its performance. We'll dive into what's needed more at the summit, but until then consider these three steps: Knowing when you're GPO ready, defining the right person for the role and creating a ...

Convince Your Boss Letter

Need help convincing your supervisor for the time off to attend the conference?  Check out our Convince Your Boss Letter and feel free to use it!  

2016 Post Show Report

Check out the highlights from last years GPO Summit! With a glimpse into who our top speakers were, how more then half said they are likely to attend this years, testimonials from attendees, the amount of job titles and functions represented, what the hottest topics discussed were, and what the expe ...

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All Signs Point to Automation

Are your processes ready for automation? Recently we spoke with Christopher Rios the Vice President of US Cash Management at Warner Music Group. We asked him how an organization would be able to determine processes are ready for automation? He answered with, "If you’ve answered YES to any of these q ...

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Exclusive Feature Interviews Part: 1

Part one of our two part interview series with top experts from Johnson Controls, Inc., DS Services and Midmark. See their answers to pressing questions such as; their point of view on global process ownership, qualities that are important to possess, the benefits of a GPO role for the company,...

Exclusive Feature Interviews Part: 2

The Second part of our two part interview series with top experts from Mastercard International, Viacom and Re-Source America LLC. See their answers to pressing questions such as; their point of view on global process ownership, qualities that are important to possess, the benefits of a GPO role for the...

Learning to Walk before you Run – a GPO case study

Mark Rivers, General Manager Strategy and GPO, Rio Tinto Procurement, discusses where Procurement fits in, The Seven Deadly Sins of Starting a GPO, the GPO Maturity Model: Where do you fit? And a summary for new starters.

Combat Internal Politics & Functional Silos to Expand the Persuasive Power of GPOs

Darin M. Ball, Vice President, Credit & Collections at DS Services of America, Inc. presents on functional silo syndrome, efforts over the years to break down silos and lessons learned, a global process ownership model, and a dysfunctional GPO model, managing through silos, 4 key areas of a process, and...

Uniting GPO Objectives and Streamlining Improvement Initiatives

Carl Harter, Sr. Director, Procurement & Travel PTP GPO and T&E GPO Management at Hitachi Data Systems, discusses keys to uniting GPO objectives such as; GPO Concerns, Understand the Key Players, Understand the Corporate Objectives, GPOs at HDS Finance, Design an Environment for Success. Also streamlining improvement initiatives.

A decade of Global Process Ownership: The story so far

Integrating proprietary data from SSON’s 100K global membership and publically sourced data, Dart Institute (SSON’s Global Analytics Centre) has produced this Visual Analytics Workbook to review the facts and unveil the story behind the rise of the GPO.

Where to Establish Your Global Process Ownership Outpost

To understand just how GPO is supporting Shared Services Organisations around the world, here at Dart we researched and analysed data on past and current GPO ownership across the globe. The results, tell us where global process owners are based and identify what’s limiting further development.

Building Efficiency Through New Skill Sets: How to Succeed in the New Era of Shared Services

Craig Simpkins, Director of Global Process and Finance, Service and Delivery at technology and industrial giant Johnson Controls. Discusses in this webinar how to adapt as F&A work evolves through automation and outsourcing. For example Craig will address the following questions and more: How to hire for an analytical mindset...

World-Class Global Business Services

This presentation by the Hackett Group shares the structures and steps organizations are taking in their move towards doing borderless business. See how Global Process Owners fit into the framework.

Three Perspectives on Global Process Ownership

Dale Ridge of Warner Bros., Marie Gardner of FIS and David Hay, formerly of HP, together discuss mandate powers, ERPs and process optimization.

Eli Lilly: Global Shared Services Implementation

At our flagship event, Shared Services & Outsourcing Week, Eli Lilly presented this in-depth case study about how they implemented global shared services, including a lengthy discussion of global process owners and global governance.

Game Changing Tools, Metrics, Training & Certifications For Your Global Teams

Find out if your operations and people are best in class. Are there talent gaps that currently exist in your GBS or SSC's O2C and P2P opps? Are all teams, in all geographies, working together, and can you implement and execute GBS initiatives and goals with current team skill sets?...

Best Practices – Maintaining Governance as a GPO

An exclusive presentation outlining the best practices for maintaining governance as a GPO. This includes process standardization, organization structure, metrics and the role of the global process council. Presented by Julie Ferrari, Record to Report GPO for Mars financial services.